Reclaimed Wooden Knot Necklace

A knot necklace, carved from a piece of reclaimed wood, naturally aged and weathered for over 70 years. It is hand sanded and hangs beautifully from a 26 " narrow, black stretch cord. A truly unique piece of earth to hang around your neck. It is lightweight and very smooth.  

$18 + shipping


Hebrew Wooden Pendant Necklace

The pendant was cut from a reclaimed log that was naturally aged and weathered for over 70 years. Then it was hand sanded, giving it a very smooth finish. Then stained & distressed for an authentic look and feel. I wood burned the words "Pursue Love....1 Corinthians 14:1" in Hebrew on one side and the fish symbol on the back so it can be worn either way. This pendant is substantial with a diameter of 8 cm and a thickness measuring 1 cm . The black cord hangs 25 1/2 cm (10 1/2 in), is attached with twisted wire, and clasps at the back.

$25 + shipping

Hebrew Wooden Knot Necklace

This necklace is a one-of-a-kind made from a driftwood knot with "Embrace Peace" woodburned in Hebrew on one side and a curved scroll on the other side. It is attached to a brown suede cord with twisted wire, hangs 12 1/2 " (32 cm), and ties at the back with a slipknot. Circumference measures 25" (63 1/2 cm). The age of the wood is unknown (I've had it for a good 20 years). The knot measures 3 cm high and 1 1/2 cm wide and 3/4 cm thick. 

$15 + shipping