Animal Print Bracelets

Dark Leopard

Light Cheetah

Dark Cheetah

Green Animal Print

Light Leopard

Dress up any outfit with one of these classic but fun animal print bracelets. Made from animal print and amber glass beads, it is sleek and smooth to the touch, shimmering when it catches the light. They measures 8" (20 cm) around but will stretch to fit larger as well.
$18 + shipping


Distressed Triple-wrap Leather Bracelet


 An earthy, distressed, soft white leather bracelet makes the perfect accessory. It's casual while making a statement. Wraps around your wrist 3 times and has 3 closure options. I have finished this piece with hammered bronze heavy duty snaps and included one metal link. The bracelet snugly fits a 7" wrist, wrapping 3 times. It measures 1/2" in width and 21 1/2" in length. 

 $20 + shipping


Leather Cuff Bracelet

A strong and soft, blue leather bracelet with metal accents clasps at the back with twisted wire. Unique and one-of-a-kind, this will be one of your favorites to wear. 

$20 + shipping